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PACE Project Making Considerable Progress with Installing Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration Units in 2019

2019 saw continued positive progress with both the number of Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration units sold under the umbrella of the PACE project and the number of units commissioned. 1769 units have been sold across eight countries since October 2016, comprising 63% of units to be deployed under PACE. Over the same period, 973 units were commissioned. A notable element of [...]

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Luzern University of Applied Science Joins PACE!

Swiss-based Luzern University of Applied Science’s ‘Power Economy’ competence centre joined the PACE project during 2019. Luzern University will conduct an economic value analysis of Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration to identify potential revenue streams from the participation in power markets. It will also explore the economic added value from the avoidance of grid expansions that can be achieved by the large-scale [...]

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Political Discussion: “How Hydrogen Contributes to the Energy Transition in the Building Sector”

The PACE Project is organising a political debate on how hydrogen contributes to the energy transition in the building sector. The debate will take place in Berlin (Germany) on Wednesday 29 January 2020. During the discussion, experts from the hydrogen and heating sector will shed light on the fuel cell technology and how households and small businesses can benefit from [...]

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From 12 to 14 November 2019, the PACE project was invited to exhibit the Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration technology in the EU Projects Zone at the POWERGEN Europe event in Paris (France). POWERGEN Europe is one of the largest energy fairs and events in Europe with more than 18,000 energy experts, 800 exhibitors, 500 speakers and 550 utilities and grid operators. [...]

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Local Businesses Choosing Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for their Energy Needs

Local Belgian butcher/caterer going for Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration Jeroen Vanhevel and Anneleen Verheye from butcher/caterer Jeroen & Anneleen have been running their family business for 15 years in the Belgian town of Oudenburg. Their goal is to be the most sustainable butcher/caterer in the region while providing the highest quality of products. They opted for Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration to lower [...]

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How to monitor technical data over a long period?

The ene.field project was the predecessor of the PACE project. The goal of ene.field was to demonstrate the Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration technology. From 2012 to 2017, more than 1,000 units were monitored across Europe within the framework of the project. The DBI – Gastechnologisches Institut GmbH Freiberg took a closer look on how technical data was gathered over this 5 [...]

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